It's Monday!

Yesterday was Sunday, and it was our first visit to a UCSL spiritual center. The minister was a woman of diminutive size with a powerful message, Spiritual Mind Treatment works! It was more than that though, It was about how powerful “afformations” are. Based on “The little Book of Afformations” by Noah St. John and Denise Berard, the idea is form your desire as a question to Spirit as to why you can’t or shouldn’t have it as an individualization of the divine. Spirit, of course, only says yes, and thus manifests your thought into form.

Anyway, Reverend Alma Stevens is a dynamo and clearly a master of SMT. She works with “the chart” from the SOM textbook, illustrating how our word manifests by our desire the forms of our thoughts. All the time, she is working the idea of SMT and its importance in our lives.

I have always felt that it’s all about teaching, teaching and more teaching. Butterflies and fairy sprites are nice, but the word and the law are what the teaching is all about. Yay Alma.

In two weeks I visit the Boca Raton church and Dr. Barbara Lunde. I am looking forward to the visit.

Before I forget, my wife Diana has put together a great blog about our visits to the different cities and some of our sort of mis-adventures, that are all part of this great adventure of ours. Seems the motorcycle seems to be a recurring theme in her blogs. It has been a source of humor and challenge at times, and I’m sure will continue to make life interesting for us. You can find her blog at, so named for an overzealous estimation of our living quarters’ size.

It has been a great ride so far. That’s the ministry I’m talking about. Well, so has the bike. As we get into December and a little further north, I’m sure her blogs will get a little icier. Stay tuned.

In Peace,

Rev. Jim