Wow! It's a week gone by.

We’ve been in Ft. Lauderdale for almost two weeks this go around. It’s been fun, and interesting trying to plan our next month or so.

Every time I think I know what I’m doing, a voice says, “What about this?”

I say, “What do you mean, what about this?”

I was planning on getting out of the state and heading West, but something is keeping me here a little longer. One thing is the Minister’s Conference in January. It seems like it could be important, so I feel like I should be here.

The other is this nagging in the back of my brain (not my wife) telling me there are a lot of Centers that I’m missing, and of course It’s right. There are still many on the Gulf Coast. So, when I found out I couldn’t get to all the Centers I wanted to in Alabama in one fell swoop, but that isn’t going to happen this go around. When I hear from the Mobile, AL Centers, I will visit them and then return to the Gulf of Florida, and schedule a few more CSL centers before the MC, and then head West.

At that point I am going to try to do 4  Centers in 4 weeks before the Leadership Conference in Denver. I may have to fly to that, if the weather isn’t friendly. The motor home isn’t approved for skis and Diana is not a fan of the cold. Since we’ve been living in Florida for the past 11 years, I can’t really say I have the correct wardrobe either, but I’ll make it work. I’m sure they’d be happier if I showed up in a car than on a motorcycle anyway, but who knows …?

Next week is Thanksgiving. The meaning of this day has changed a great deal for me over the years and I am more into that place of expressing Gratitude for all that I have, rather than gorging on turkey and all the fixin’s. This will be the first year we haven’t opened our home to our friends in St. Augustine to partake of sharing our gratitude with our closest buds, but we are going to be there, and sharing out with a few, and that is good.

After Thanksgiving we are driving to CSL Orlando to share with John and Kat DePalma’s Center. They won’t be there, except in spirit, but Rev. Waukeena, has graciously offered me some time to share.

Florida has become important, at least in my mind, because so many people that live here, are not from here. The transplants, of which I am one, all know someone somewhere else, who might be open to the philosophy. This can become my base for flushing out the like minded people who want to know.

Oh yeah! Last Sunday was the 50th Anniversary of CSL Ft. Lauderdale, and it was a great celebration. Lots of people, great food by Chef Roger Keener, and of course, Jack Fowler in Concert is always a treat.

Well, it’s been fun. I don’t have time to load a couple of pictures, but come back tomorrow and they should be up.

Did I tell you I saw God while out riding? Hold that thought.