We've landed in Bushnell, FL

Got here yesterday. We’re on the Gulf side of Florida. We’re a little inland,Northeast of Tampa in farm country. Lot’s of veggie stands with fresh produce. Diana loves it. Visited the Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living last Sunday and shared the ministry to an open crowd. I am continually uplifted by the support we’ve received from every spiritual community we’ve visited. Reverend Waukena Cuyjet and Leda Perez were wonderful in sharing the service with us. We meet and shared with some great people after service and came away with some new friends that I’m sure we’ll share and meet with again. My thanks to John and Cath for thieir warm and loving community.

I’d like to share this wonderful quote with you:

“How would you live if you felt you could trust life fully? If you believed you were totally protected and secure, that forevermore your life would be filled with love and prosperity? Think of how your fears would dissolve, of how totally accepting of yourself and others you would be–it wouldn’t matter if they met your expectations or not. Think of how you would venture forth knowing you would succeed. Think of how your heart would open, of how free you would feel. How free you would be to love. All of this is the treasure that life offers us. We just lack the consciousness to experience it.”
~Susan L. Taylor

Thanks for reading, and bless you.