It's a New Year and a new idea!

Happy New Year everyone.

Rev. Heidi Peck and Rev. Jim StarkeWe’re/I’m in Ft. Myers right now. I visited the Center for Spiritual Living Naples last w/e and shared my focus with them. Boy, they’ve had a great turn around. They had close to 50 people at their burning Bowl ceremony and it was wonderful. I got to participate by doing the opening convocation, assisting in the burning bowl ceremony, both as the keeper of the bowl (making sure we didn’t set the beautiful landscape on fire), and in releasing the old, as per Colin Tippings Radical Forgiveness. Then of course, I told everyone what my ministry was and the response was great. Rev. Heidi Peck and her husband Bob were gracious, and it was nice to finally meet him. Heidi I’ve known for some time asshe was there every week when I rolled into the Ft. Lauderdale Center for classes over the 2+ years I drove down. I am feeling more convinced that it was Spirit’s choice for me to remain in Florida a while longer.

And, this weekend is the Regional Minister’s Conference in Cape Coral, and I will be there, as will a couple of my Ministerial Grad ministers from Ontario who are flying down for the Conference, Randy and Ann Armstrong.

Diana is off to Nicaragua for immersion Spanish, and enjoying herself. We skyped last night.

I am hoping to make some new connections this Saturday at the conference for speaking as I’m at the point of not receiving responses to my inquiries, either by non-updated  websites or lost messages. It can’t be that anyone is ignoring me, or doesn’t want me to share, could it?!

Knowing that can’t be, I know I am filling my engagement card right now, and a Sunday talk is even popping into my hologram for me to share.

Speaking of holograms, if you haven’t read “Busting Loose from the Money Game” by Robert Sheinfeld, ya gotta do it. I’m putting this into your hologram right now. It will turn your world upside down. There is a UCSL course out there that is being taught at many different Centers right now. The course is the product of Alice Bandy of UCSL home office. If it’s half as challenging as the book, your life will change, our Centers will change, and the world will change , because of it!

Peace, Love, Dove,

rev jim