I have been bad for Christmas this year!

I have been bad, so I’ll probably get coal in my stocking for Christmas this year. I have been bad, because this only my second post in the whole year.

In truth, I have been busy. I have redesigned my www.spiritontheroad.org site and been working on that. I’ve also been keeping up my www.inspiritstime.com blog and working on my distance learning site.

What I have decided to do is to build a new WordPress blog on my own server, rather than a free space, so I am moving this blog over to http://spiritinspires.com/blog/, my new Inspired by Spirit blog. I am doing this for many reasons, not the least of which is greater flexibility, and integration with other social medias. So,

if there is anyone still here and waiting for an update, join me at: http://spiritinspires.com/blog/

Blessings & peace,

Rev. Jim Starke